About Our Program

Mission Statement

To provide a high quality inclusive Developmentally Appropriate Program for children, from birth to five years of age.

Kingstec has had a child care centre in operation since 1978 as part of the training program for the Early Childhood Studies Program.  The Kingstec Campus Learning Centre is a licensed child care centre, through the NS Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

The centre has 44 child care spaces offering eight to infants (with a staff ratio of one educator to four infants), twelve to toddlers (with a staff ratio of one to six toddlers), and twenty four to preschoolers (with a staff ratio of one to eight preschoolers).

The Centre is designed to meet the needs of the student in training and most importantly, the growing whole child in the childcare centre, through developmentally appropriate practices.  A successful year for the children depends greatly on how the parents, educators, and Early Childhood Education students and faculty work as a team.  It is imperative that the parent(s) be involved in their child’s program.  The Staff welcome visits, volunteer help, suggestions and feedback, whenever possible.


  1. To promote the child’s self-esteem
  2. To promote socialization
  3. To promote a life-long love of learning
  4. To provide each child with the freedom to explore and discover nature and their environment openly

Daily Program

The Kingstec Campus Learning Centre supports a Child-Centered Program for all programs: infant, toddler and preschool groups of children.

This means that stories, art, music, games, toys and learning experiences are coordinated according to each child’s developmental level and interest. To organize activities, teachers choose a focus based on the interests of the children. Children are encouraged to actively choose and plan what they would like to do during various times in the day. The role of the teachers is to support the children’s interests by researching developmentally appropriate information, engaging in explorations/projects and encouraging children’s interests, which supports the Reggio Emilia Emergent Curriculum Approach.

Our Menu and Meal Environments:

Children receive a well-balanced and nutritional diet at the Kingstec Campus Learning Centre. Two nutritional snacks and a full course meal are served daily in a relaxed and enjoyable mealtime environment. We have a four week cycle of menus that are posted on the entry doorways of each classroom. This menu will be cycled monthly and provides a wide variety of foods that allow children to experience many tastes, textures and cultures. You will receive a full cycle of menus upon registration and will be informed minimally, in advance, one week prior to any menu changes.

The Kingstec Campus Learning Centre supports an allergy safe environment

Photos of Our Centre